Storytime with Inktober 2023

This Inktober, I decided to create a story out of the prompts instead of doing them individually. I'm also working on these digitally trying to replicate traditional watercolor and pen & wash techniques. Check this page to see how the story unfolds!

Day 1: Dream

"I had the most amazing DREAM yesterday," said the little girl.

All the other kids huddled closer eagerly waiting to hear her story.

Day 2: Spiders

In my dream, I woke up suddenly and saw these enormous SPIDERS in my room. I was so scared at first! But they had friendly faces so I crept over to the window sill to see what they were doing.

Day 3: Path

It was so amazing! The spiders were spinning webs made of golden threads and there was a PATH made of these golden webs from my window sill. I was so curious to see where this would take me.

Day 4: Dodge

The webbed path was so soft and silky. I thought I would fall down but it was very very strong. I had to DODGE a few branches as I was walking by because they spun the path right through the trees!

Day 5: Map

I had been walking for a while and didn't know where I was anymore. They kept spinning the path right in front of my eyes. I wish I had a MAP that would help me see where I was going!

Day 6: Golden

The path slowly descended to a clearing and I noticed everything around me was GOLDEN too, just like the webbed path. The trees, the plants, the grass under my foot, all of it!

Day 7: Drip

The trees were DRIPping with diamonds and precious gems. There were rubies shaped as apples and emeralds shaped as raw mangoes. The flowers were a brilliant cluster of multi-colored gems. But it got boring after a while. Who can eat ruby apples! I was getting hungry.

Day 8: Toad

Just as I was looking around to see if anyone else was around, I noticed a large TOAD under a golden mushroom. He looked sleepy and wise. Maybe he can tell me the way back home.

Day 9: Bounce

I sneaked up to the toad and tried to wake him up. "Hello, can you please tell me where I am?" He opened one eye, looked annoyed and started to BOUNCE away.

Day 10: Fortune

"Hey, wait for me! Tell me how I can go home, please," I shouted and ran behind the toad. He stopped and looked back and said, "Your FORTUNE awaits you. Go towards the North." And before I could say anything, he disappeared into the golden bushes.

Day 11: Wander

I didn't know where North was, so I WANDERed around trying to figure out which way to go. I was getting hungry too and realized there was a delicious smell coming from one side. I figured food is better than fortune and followed my nose.

Day 12: Spicey

I saw a tiny hut that had a table full of delicious food. I knocked at the door but no one was around. I was so hungry I thought I would go in and grab something to eat. I first tasted the soup, but it was so SPICEY. Then I ate a little bit of rice, but it was so salty. I then saw some sandwiches and bit into them and they were just right.

Day 13: Rise

I grabbed the sandwich and went outside. As I saw the moon RISE over the sky, I noticed a path leading up a hill. I started walking up the path. Maybe I can see my house from the top?

Day 14: Castle

At the end of the path, I saw an enormous CASTLE. It was twinkling in the moonlight and looked so beautiful. I thought I would find someone there who can take me back home. I went over and knocked at the large door.

Day 15: Dagger

Something fell off the door. I jumped at the sound and noticed a beautiful bejeweled DAGGER at my feet. I was worried I had broken it. I quickly hid it in my pocket and thought I'll try to fix it later. Just as I put it in my pocket, the door slowly opened.

Day 16: Angel

I entered the castle and saw a large corridor leading up to two doors. As I walked up to the end, I saw a beautiful ANGEL next to one of the doors. She looked so happy to see me.

Day 17: Demon

But next to the other door was a DEMON! "One of these two doors will take you back home," she said with a mischievous glint in her eyes, "I will tell you which door to choose if you answer this riddle!"

Day 18: Saddle

"What has a SADDLE but no horse," asked the Demon, "And can help you read but has no eyes?"

Oh this one is tricky, but I think I know the answer. A book! My Art teacher said my comic books have saddle stitches. And books can help you read.

Day 19: Plump

"Ah that was too easy", said the Demon.

"Let's see if you can get this one: What is PLUMP and juicy and grows on a vine? It can be red, green, or black and is often made into wine."

Day 20: Frost

I wasn't sure of this one but I noticed the beautiful angel frantically signally me. She floated up to the FROSTed window and wrote the word Grapes on it. "Grapes," I shouted as she wiped off the window and floated back to her door.

Day 21: Chains

"Hrmph!", said the Demon. "You are very smart. Go through this door". I heard the CHAINS around one of the doors fall to the ground with a loud thunk and the door slowly opened.

Day 22: Scratchy

There was a SCRATCHY noise as the door creaked open. It felt like no one has been through the door for a long long time. I gave a grateful smile to the beautiful angel and the demon and ran outside.

Day 23: Celestial

At first, I didn't know which way to go. As I was looking around, I saw a CELESTIAL being appear and light up a section of the path. I followed the glow and reached a calm and peaceful looking river.

Day 24: Shallow

There was no bridge on the river so I stepped into the water to see if it was SHALLOW enough for me to walk through. But it was too deep. Just at that moment, I heard a sound behind me.

Day 25: Dangerous

I turned around and saw a DANGEROUS beast in the bushes. Its fur sparkled in the moonlight and its eyes glowed like emeralds. I was just about to run away when the beast whimpered.

Day 26: Remove

The beast looked like it was in pain so I slowly crept close to it. And then I saw a golden thorn stuck in its paw. The beast raised its paw and I gently REMOVEd the thorn.

Day 27: Beast

The BEAST licked its paw and made a happy sound. It came near me and licked my hand. It seemed to want to be friends. Then it sat down and signed me to get on its back.

Day 28: Sparkle

The stars SPARKLEd in the skies as the beast swam through the river and ran across the forest. I hugged it tightly so I wouldn't fall off. Soon I was out of the forest and could see the city.

Day 29: Massive

I heaved a MASSIVE sigh when I saw the familiar surroundings. I was so happy to be back! I could see my home and the light in my bedroom.

Day 30: Rush

I thanked the beast and RUSHed home, got in through the window and snuggled in. I had just started drifting back to sleep when I remembered I still had the dagger with me!

"Then what happened?" said the kids.

Day 31: Fire

"Party's over kids", said mom. It's time to put out the FIRE and get some sleep." "But Moooooom, I want to hear one more story!"