Day 8: Toad

Just as I was looking around to see if anyone else was around, I noticed a large TOAD under a golden mushroom. He looked sleepy and wise. Maybe he can tell me the way back home.

Day 9: Bounce

I sneaked up to the toad and tried to wake him up. "Hello, can you please tell me where I am?" He opened one eye, looked annoyed and started to BOUNCE away.

Day 10: Fortune

"Hey, wait for me! Tell me how I can go home, please," I shouted and ran behind the toad. He stopped and looked back and said, "Your FORTUNE awaits you. Go towards the North." And before I could say anything, he disappeared into the golden bushes.

Day 11: Wander

I didn't know where North was, so I WANDERed around trying to figure out which way to go. I was getting hungry too and realized there was a delicious smell coming from one side. I figured food is better than fortune and followed my nose.

Day 12: Spicey

I saw a tiny hut that had a table full of delicious food. I knocked at the door but no one was around. I was so hungry I thought I would go in and grab something to eat. I first tasted the soup, but it was so SPICEY. Then I ate a little bit of rice, but it was so salty. I then saw some sandwiches and bit into them and they were just right.

Day 13: Rise

I grabbed the sandwich and went outside. As I saw the moon RISE over the sky, I noticed a path leading up a hill. I started walking up the path. Maybe I can see my house from the top?

Day 14: Castle

At the end of the path, I saw an enormous CASTLE. It was twinkling in the moonlight and looked so beautiful. I thought I would find someone there who can take me back home. I went over and knocked at the large door.