Day 15: Dagger

Something fell off the door. I jumped at the sound and noticed a beautiful bejeweled DAGGER at my feet. I was worried I had broken it. I quickly hid it in my pocket and thought I'll try to fix it later. Just as I put it in my pocket, the door slowly opened.

Day 16: Angel

I entered the castle and saw a large corridor leading up to two doors. As I walked up to the end, I saw a beautiful ANGEL next to one of the doors. She looked so happy to see me.

Day 17: Demon

But next to the other door was a DEMON! "One of these two doors will take you back home," she said with a mischievous glint in her eyes, "I will tell you which door to choose if you answer this riddle!"

Day 18: Saddle

"What has a SADDLE but no horse," asked the Demon, "And can help you read but has no eyes?"

Oh this one is tricky, but I think I know the answer. A book! My Art teacher said my comic books have saddle stitches. And books can help you read.

Day 19: Plump

"Ah that was too easy", said the Demon.

"Let's see if you can get this one: What is PLUMP and juicy and grows on a vine? It can be red, green, or black and is often made into wine."

Day 20: Frost

I wasn't sure of this one but I noticed the beautiful angel frantically signally me. She floated up to the FROSTed window and wrote the word Grapes on it. "Grapes," I shouted as she wiped off the window and floated back to her door.

Day 21: Chains

"Hrmph!", said the Demon. "You are very smart. Go through this door". I heard the CHAINS around one of the doors fall to the ground with a loud thunk and the door slowly opened.