Day 22: Scratchy

There was a SCRATCHY noise as the door creaked open. It felt like no one has been through the door for a long long time. I gave a grateful smile to the beautiful angel and the demon and ran outside.

Day 23: Celestial

At first, I didn't know which way to go. As I was looking around, I saw a CELESTIAL being appear and light up a section of the path. I followed the glow and reached a calm and peaceful looking river.

Day 24: Shallow

There was no bridge on the river so I stepped into the water to see if it was SHALLOW enough for me to walk through. But it was too deep. Just at that moment, I heard a sound behind me.

Day 25: Dangerous

I turned around and saw a DANGEROUS beast in the bushes. Its fur sparkled in the moonlight and its eyes glowed like emeralds. I was just about to run away when the beast whimpered.

Day 26: Remove

The beast looked like it was in pain so I slowly crept close to it. And then I saw a golden thorn stuck in its paw. The beast raised its paw and I gently REMOVEd the thorn.

Day 27: Beast

The BEAST licked its paw and made a happy sound. It came near me and licked my hand. It seemed to want to be friends. Then it sat down and signed me to get on its back.

Day 28: Sparkle

The stars SPARKLEd in the skies as the beast swam through the river and ran across the forest. I hugged it tightly so I wouldn't fall off. Soon I was out of the forest and could see the city.