Day 1: Dream

"I had the most amazing DREAM yesterday," said the little girl.

All the other kids huddled closer eagerly waiting to hear her story.

Day 2: Spiders

In my dream, I woke up suddenly and saw these enormous SPIDERS in my room. I was so scared at first! But they had friendly faces so I crept over to the window sill to see what they were doing.

Day 3: Path

It was so amazing! The spiders were spinning webs made of golden threads and there was a PATH made of these golden webs from my window sill. I was so curious to see where this would take me.

Day 4: Dodge

The webbed path was so soft and silky. I thought I would fall down but it was very very strong. I had to DODGE a few branches as I was walking by because they spun the path right through the trees!

Day 5: Map

I had been walking for a while and didn't know where I was anymore. They kept spinning the path right in front of my eyes. I wish I had a MAP that would help me see where I was going!

Day 6: Golden

The path slowly descended to a clearing and I noticed everything around me was GOLDEN too, just like the webbed path. The trees, the plants, the grass under my foot, all of it!

Day 7: Drip

The trees were DRIPping with diamonds and precious gems. There were rubies shaped as apples and emeralds shaped as raw mangoes. The flowers were a brilliant cluster of multi-colored gems. But it got boring after a while. Who can eat ruby apples! I was getting hungry.